Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Crazy Pants!

So, three months of all-day morning sickness, a big take off of my Etsy shop, and a baby later, I'm back with a cake! LOL! I did do a triple chocolate cake back in the early winter, and a BIG American flag cake for a soldier homecoming in the late winter, but I was too busy crocheting for my Etsy shop and didn't post them. They were pretty, but not over the top. Now my toddler is two today, so this is the cake his daddy and I made for him!
Daddy baked, filled, and iced the cake in white. I made the characters out of modeling chocolate and piped the decorations. Do you know where the characters are from? A children's program (originally in Spanish) on PBS called Pocoyo! Crazy Pants is a fan! Pocoyo is on the top of the cake and below him is Sleepy Bird.

The blue boy is Pocoyo. He isn't quite as smooth as I'd like. He was our first attempt, redone. Because we re-heated the modeling chocolate, he got grainy and hard to work with. Live and learn! Which is exactly what we did and his pink friend, Elly, looks great!

This is Pato . . . Pocoyo's duck friend.

The sides feature green and blue stripes with yellow accents. The top an bottom of each layer are decorated with little balls of icing. The lettering reads, "Marshall Happy Birthday"

And a view from the top! My boy has been begging to eat this cake all day. He is so excited!

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