Saturday, October 17, 2009

Utah County Sheriff's Office Cake

Utah County Sheriff Cake
The Judicial branch of my local sheriff's department ordered this cake for their Columbus Day training lunch.
It is cherry chip with buttercream icing and vanilla villing. The decorations are done in tinted buttercream to match thier uniforms. The decoration is the badge they wear on the shouders of their uniforms with the offial seal in the middle.

Here's a picture of the borders I chose. I chose to do a shell crown with large stars and a shell and star border.

Here's a closer picture of the patch. If you click on it, it brings it up really big so you can check out the tiny details.
I've just started my 2nd decorating course. I've already learned how to make some sweet new flowers and a new border. Hopefully I'll get them on a cake soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hatching Chick Cake

His Chick Cake
This is the bonus cake I made for the Colts Cake client. I made it for his girlfriend, who actually ordered the cake. She wanted him to order a chocolate cake, so I made a triple chocolate fudge cake just for her.
This cake is not filled - character cakes are not filled, but super moist. The edd is iced in chocolate real buttercream and the decorations are in tinted pure white buttercream. I added pink star flowers with pale green leaves and tendrils to the shell. The chick is covered in yellow stars with leaf-tip feathers on the wings and lttle feather top. The chick has a pink flower on her head.

The lettering is in dotted print style and reads "JJ's Chick". That's was my husband's idea. :)

Indianapolis Colts Cake

Indianapolis Colts Cake
This cake was a client cake ordered by a true Colts fan. (I know, I cross fooltball loyalty boundaries when it comes to cakes . . . . my Seahawks are playing the Colts right now!) He requested a confetti cake in a 3-D football shape with pistachio filling. He said it was good, even though I wasn't too sure about the pistachio part.

The football is iced in chocolate real buttercream and decorated with pure white buttercream tinted royal blue and grass green. I put the Colt's horseshoe over the top 2/3's of the ball and wrote "COLTS" below in block letters. I covered the cake board in green grass and a yard line. It came out just great!

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