Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seattle Seahawks Cake

Seattle Seahawks Cake (my home team!)
So, after making a couple of other people's favorite teams, my husband requested that I make a Seattle Seahawks cake. Highly appropriate as 1. They're winning today (which is impressive, actually) and 2. I grew up in Seattle and Port Ludlow, Washington. Yes, I'm a transplant to Utah. I moved here to teach school about 3 years ago.
This is a triple chocolate fudge cake (has fudge chips in it . . . mmmmmm) covered in real semi sweet chocolate buttercream. It is filled with chocolate filling. It is a 3D football shape that I carved from an egg shape.

I decorated using vanilla buttercream tinted white, cobalt, navy, and green.

My husband, being brilliant about all things football, suggested I make the cake cooler by covering my cake board in icing to create a field and yard line effect. I really like this idea!

I think its going to taste FABULOUS! Oh, and this cake only requires 1 cake mix, so it fits into the $15 category. Hooray!


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