Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hatching Chick Cake

His Chick Cake
This is the bonus cake I made for the Colts Cake client. I made it for his girlfriend, who actually ordered the cake. She wanted him to order a chocolate cake, so I made a triple chocolate fudge cake just for her.
This cake is not filled - character cakes are not filled, but super moist. The edd is iced in chocolate real buttercream and the decorations are in tinted pure white buttercream. I added pink star flowers with pale green leaves and tendrils to the shell. The chick is covered in yellow stars with leaf-tip feathers on the wings and lttle feather top. The chick has a pink flower on her head.

The lettering is in dotted print style and reads "JJ's Chick". That's was my husband's idea. :)


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